Patisserie Fouet: Japanese Dessert Cafe with a French Flair


I’m not a huge dessert person, which may come as a huge shocker to many since I am a huge foodie. Sugar makes my breath smell bad, gives me headaches and triggers my candida and psoriasis like no other. TMI? Whatever. It’s basically a sure-fire way for a nightmarish bodily experience for me and for that reason alone, I am very selective with what I choose to eat for dessert, if I eat it at all!! Patisserie Fouet made the cut for my dessert fixing.

The desserts I gravitate towards are light and not too filling. My dessert of choice is a flourless chocolate cake, you guys know this. I fucking love chocolate and the flourless aspect not only creates the most perfect, dense, fudge-like consistency, it truly isn’t as carb-filled as a normal chocolate cake. In other words, I’m not bloated and uncomfortably full afterwards.

When I was invited into Patisserie Fouet, I was thrilled because not only do I looooove Japanese desserts, this pastry shop is by the same owners as Raku, my beloved Japanese udon speciality restaurant. These guys know what they’re doing, and Patisserie Fouet is further proof of that.


The pastry shop has had a pretty spectacular opening, which is so rare for restaurants in the city. People flock to Fouet for their dainty pastries, most notably their soufflé cakes, which are made to order.

I went in to try their seasonal soufflé cake, black sesame. As soon as it came out, I knew right away that I would love it. The look of the soufflé speaks for itself. It jiggles with every move of the plate: a good sign, I mentally noted.. It came with a mango-wasabi sorbet and honey ginger sauce that cut through the nuttiness of the cake perfectly.

Gluten-free chocolate cake with Assam tea

Gluten-free chocolate cake with Assam tea

The real star of the show was Fouet’s gluten-free chocolate cake, which, although not flourless, tasted like a flourless chocolate cake (!!!). Made of oat flour, the cake was dense, rich and showed no hints of flour being used whatsoever, oat flour or not. It was my ideal consistency snd my ideal chocolate cake. Bonus points for being gluten-free because making freaking good pastries without wheat flour really is possible.

This meal was complimentary. Thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.