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Life as an Upper East Sider at The Lowell Hotel

If you’ve been following me for quite sometime, you probably know how much I love a city staycation. After living in New York for six years and calling Williamsburg my home for a second year in a row, a change of scenery is always needed and much enjoyed.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a staycation so when The Lowell Hotel reached out with an opportunity, I jumped right on it.

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Olmsted: Brunch Without the Brunch Crowd

I don’t “brunch” because I hate that a fantastic meal has turned into a verb, connoting massive groups of drunk people downing mimosas made of a cheap sparkling drink masked as “champagne” and eating subpar (read: actually bad) food made just to feed these crowds. I’m not saying all brunch is not it. In fact, some of my favorite menus at restaurants are their brunch menus. And when done right, it’s really, really, freaking right.

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Going Upstate Is Fun, No Matter the Time of Year

Living in New York City can be incredibly draining. New Yorkers know how imperative it is to get out of the city every so often but very little actually do. And I don’t blame them — it can get physically hard to get out of the city with few vacation days, no car and limited financial resources. Luckily, however, we have the convenience of upstate New York, what I like to call my safe haven, easily accessible a few hours away.

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